Adil legal clinic offers free and non-binding oral advice from an attorney.  The purpose is to ensure that all citizens are given a fair chance of getting a judicial evaluation of their problem and guidance on how to proceed with their case. The application is anonymous, and there will not be written anything down or conducted a genuine casework.

Your case can concern:                                                                          

Criminal law, law of torts, forcible removal, law of domestic relations, general business law, immigration law, legal proceedings, labour law or other areas of the law.

The attorneys at Adil legal clinic are working voluntarily. Therefore, you can only expect to get a short evaluation of your case.

The evaluation can help you clarify questions like:                                            

The degree of your problem and whether it is practical or worthwhile to take the case further in the judicial system, as well as the economical conditions in connection with the legal advice provided from the law office and the legal proceedings if any.

There will only be offered oral judicial advice. Therefore, it will not be possible to write any letters, documents or applications for you. However, we can guide you on how to get it done, as well as we inform you about the rules for free legal aid, legal expense insurance, access to Complaints Board and other institutions.


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